Outnumbered - A competitive digital boardgame for Android

I am Mathias Boeckx

I'm a software engineer from Belgium with a passion for games with engaging mechanics. I realized a while ago that I wasn't playing games purely as entertainment, but that I was fascinated by the creativity and thinking that went into them. I started thinking about what it was that made certain games interesting to me and soon started dabbling in game creation tools such as Monogame and Unity. A few small projects later I find myself spending my spare time on developing my first full game: Outnumbered.

Outnumbered has been in development since 2016. I've printed out a physical version through The Game Crafter and have been using this physical version to test out mechanics and ideas. The digital version has gone through many changes, starting out as a Winforms project, then evolving into a WPF one and finally settling on Unity.

I'm learning as I go and you can't imagine the rewrites this game has gone through, not to mention the messy structure of the Unity project, but I'm confident I can deliver a game that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

About me

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