Outnumbered - A competitive digital boardgame for Android

What is Outnumbered?

A digital boardgame for 1 to 4 players about linking up numbered tiles.

In Outnumbered you take turns strategically placing tiles from your hand onto a board. These tiles can then connect to other tiles, scoring you points. The goal is to get to a set amount of points before the other players do.


To get an idea of what's coming, watch the trailer below! This trailer still features the old version of the game. I've since reworked the entire thing and will be putting a new trailer up showing off the new look when it's ready to show off!

A few simple rules

and you're good to go

Boardgames often fail to strike a balance between being strategic and lighthearted. Outnumbered strives to combine the best of both worlds by using a handful of easy to learn rules, short turns and a big open playing field. 

Whether you like to set up complicated combo's, earn quick points all over the map or steal opportunities from under your opponent's noses, Outnumbered has got you covered.

Turn your smartphone into a gaming table on the go!

Boot up a quick game when waiting for dinner, during your work break or even waiting in line for a rollercoaster.

No set up, no clean up and no complicated rules to explain.

Up to four players can gather around one device and play.

Outnumbered supports any combination of real and computer controlled players.

Four ways to score

Every tile you place has potential to score you points.

If you can manage to create one or more of the scoring situations mentioned below,

you'll score 10 points for each tile in them.

Link up a sequence

Basic, yet effective. This way of earning points allows you to use every tile you draw. Placing subsequent numbers next to each other makes for a quick way to earn some points and dispose of tiles you don't need in your other chains.

Create powerful loops

Loops are some of the most powerful, yet hard to pull off ways to score in the game. Small loops can get you started at the top of the scoreboard, but well thought out and well protected late-game loops can win you the game.

Connect equal numbers

Being a little more specific in what you need, these chains can over time rack up some serious points. Unlike the number sequences, equal tilechains aren't limited by the amount of numbers in the game. They pose a big threat in both early and late game.

Lock up a chain

This one brings in one last hurrah of points for a chain, closing it down and scoring each tile in it a last time. If one arm stays open or gets connected to an opponent however, this fragile way of getting points falls apart.

Colorless tiles

versatile, but treacherous

Every time you draw a tile, there's a chance you'll draw a white tile. 

You can use these to reach places all across the board where your normal tiles wouldn't be able to go. 

Be careful though, as any player can build their own tiles next to white tiles, no matter who put them there.

Play however you want

Customize the rules

Most people gradually make house rules for their boardgame nights. Maybe you don't like those pesky white tiles and want them to appear less frequently, if at all. 

Outnumbered has customizability for almost every aspect of the game. Whether you want to flip the screen around between player turns, toggle some optional rules or change the way the game controls or looks, chances are you'll find what you're looking for in the options menu.

And lots more!

Outnumbered will feature:

  • optional items spicing up the gameplay and providing additional ways to interact with opponents.
  • multiple AI personalities to challenge
  • colorblind options
  • controller support
  • ...

But when can I play it?

A demo is coming!

The game itself is still in active development. The core gameplay is done, but I'm currently working on the AI for the opponents, adding items to the game and polishing up the UI.

The good news is that I'm working hard to bring you a demo. You'll be able to play it right here without installing anything! The effects and layout of the board in the demo will not be final by any means, but it'll give you an idea of the basics of gameplay and general flow of the game.

Coming to